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I had horrible back pain when I first saw Dr. T. His treatment has been like a miracle. I am back to my quilting and enjoying life again - Thank you so much Dr. T.

8th June, 2017

Hello Dr. T.

Our mother had been experienced chronic pain in her legs and lower back for some time. It was painful for her to do almost anything, including walking.

The pain prescriptions made her feel nauseated and really didn't help her.

We finally made an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor at Orthopaedic Associates.

After several appointments, we were told a pain management doctor was now a part of the practice.

What a blessing for us and her!

The Dr. – Dr. Konstantin Tsymbalov.

He has made a great difference in our mom's life!

Not only is he knowledgeable and professional, He treats her with care, great respect.

His great bedside manner put here right at ease and he takes the time to explain exactly what procedure he'll be performing.

He didn't make any decisions about her course of treatment until he examined her.

Our mother is almost 89 years old and thought she was beyond help.

Well, Dr. Tsymbalov came to the rescue.

My mother's pain is definitely under control. We've been able to take her on vacation again, that include a lot of walking and she did great!

We made a great choice in coming to Dr. T and we're recommending him to everybody we know who need help with pain.

Thank you Dr. Tsymbalov!

The family of Monzella Bryant

8th June, 2017

A Blessed and Grateful "Thank you"

During my period of acute illness I was blessed with a wonderful peace and sense of security: because you attended me with care, concern and graciousness.

Thank you very much for your wonderful and varied service to me during my recovery and rehabilitation.

I will always remember that your kindness and generosity helped me through a Different time.

Thank you and may God Bless You!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

C.S. (Patient)

8th June, 2017

When I came to Albany Orthopaedic Associates, I was unable to put any weight on my left leg due to pain. I saw Dr. Tsymbalov. After reviewing X-rays and MRI results he recommended the lumbar epidural shot. My nerves in my back and hip were pinched. After having thee shot, I noticed almost instant relief. I have been able to resume my regular activities which I am very thankful for,


8th June, 2017

Dr. Tsymbalov -

Thank you so much for treating so kindly.

You are one great person and besides that you are funny.

Thank you,


8th June, 2017

I want to thank you for your personal attention during our recent hospital stay. I was very reassuring to see your smiling face each morning. You are a skilled and compassionate doctor.



8th June, 2017

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